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Brazil wedding event lighting decorations

Brazil wedding event lighting decorations with warm white led curtain lights.
The largest curtain lights among all the lights for this event is 6m width and 3.5m height. 
The end of the decorative curtain lights added the crystal decorations.And each set of curtain lights with smaller size can be connected with male and female connector. making various shape as need. 

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Holiday decorations: Christmas decoration light, led New Year decoration light, Halloween decoration, Easter day decoration, Memorial Day decoration, Celebration ornament, Wedding ornament, Birthday party decoration,etc.
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Led tree lights (led small branch light, led palm tree light, led cherry tree light, led willow tree light, led maple tree light, led fruit tree light, Cypress tree light)Firework light, 2D motif light, 3D sculpture light, led net light, led string light, curtain light, icicle light, waterfall light, rope light, twinkle light, cartoon animal light.