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maple tree white

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Number of LED Bulbs: 48Leds
Bulb Colour: warm
Height: 120cm
Lead Wire back to power point: 3m
Power Source: 24V/100-130V/220-240V
Saves up to 90% on compared to conventional Fairy Lights 25,000 Hour Average LED Bulb Life

LED tree Lights | 120cm height Warm white LED tree Lights with maple white color

48 Light LED tree Lights in Warm white on 3 metre length of lead wire.

Main products
Holiday decorations: Christmas decoration light, led New Year decoration light, Halloween decoration, Easter day decoration, Memorial Day decoration, Celebration ornament, Wedding ornament, Birthday party decoration,etc.

Project decorations: Shopping mall decoration light, Garden decoration light, Apartment decoration light, Park decoration light, 

House decoration light, Hotel decoration light, etc.

Product Type:
Led tree lights (led small branch light, led palm tree light, led cherry tree light, led willow tree light, led maple 

tree light, led fruit tree light, Cypress tree light)Firework light, 2D motif light, 3D sculpture light, led net light, led string 

light, curtain light, icicle light, waterfall light, rope light, twinkle light, cartoon animal light.

There is an extra 3 metres of lead wire back to the 24V transformer back to power point. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, but transformer and controller must always be undercover, this will extend the life of your Warm white and blue LED tree lights. LED Warm white and blue tree lights are super bright and because they are LED they stay cool making them safer and energy efficient to use. Sturdy and energy efficient, LED tree Lights will draw very little power saving you up to 90% on normal conventional fairy lights. Use tree Lights hanging off your gutters for a winter wonderland. Hanging Led tree Lights from hedges will give you great coverage and look terrific. LED tree Lights look fantastic in business foyers and for parties and weddings. Use Led tree Lights to decorate your house and garden all year round or to promote your business, they are easy to use and looks great!