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Nimo Fish for Christmas

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Model: 3005
LED Color: White
Size: 60cm*18cm*30cm
Number of LED Bulbs: 100
Material: ABS acrylic + iron frame + string lights
Lead Wire back to power point: 1.5m
Power Source: 24V/100-130V/220-240V
Saves up to 90% on compared to conventional Fairy Lights 25,000 Hour Average LED Bulb Life

LED acrylic Christmas motif Nimo fish Lights | 60cm length + 31cm height + 22 width White LED acrylic motif Nimo fish Lights

100 Light LED acrylic motif Nimo fish Lights in White

There is an extra 1.5 metres of lead wire white to the 24V transformer back to power point. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, but transformer and controller must always be undercover, this will extend the life of your White LED acrylic motif Christmas Nimo fish lights. LED White acrylic motif Nimo fish lights are super bright and because they are LED they stay cool making them safer and energy efficient to use. Sturdy and energy efficient, LED acrylic motif Nimo fish Lights will draw very little power saving you up to 90% on normal conventional fairy lights. Use acrylic motif Nimo fish Lights hanging off your gutters for a winter wonderland. Hanging Led acrylic motif Nimo fish Lights from hedges will give you great coverage and look terrific. LED acrylic motif Nimo fish Lights look fantastic in business foyers and for parties and weddings. Use Led acrylic motif Nimo fish Fairy Lights to decorate your house and garden all year round or to promote your business, they are easy to use and looks great!

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